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Alright, so this application just popped out of nowhere...but I read the "User Info" page and I get the impression that this is a ratings community, so here I go :D

Application: (Explain your response to every single question, and do so as well as you can.)

State your name and age: 

Jnanee K, 15 going on 16

1. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?

Hmmm…that’s a tough one. In terms of development and uniqueness, Snape pops out (he’s the only character apart from Draco who is a big question mark, and he has a pretty unique, sneaky way of doing things) In terms of personality, however…I’d say Dumbledore. There’s loads to be learned from him.

2. Which character do you feel you relate to the most?

Luna. She’s a misfit and gets ill-treated by people because of it. Also, while she appears absent-minded, she’s really smart.

3. What do you feel is your best quality?

I’m compassionate, and I think and act differently from those around me (I value these qualities equally)

4. Do you look for anything specific in a friend?

One who doesn’t give in to mob mentality, is compassionate and loyal and understands my character

5. What do you feel about House Elves?

I’d do anything to help them if they needed it (i.e. if I owned a house elf, I’d give it the best food and living conditions possible) but I won’t interfere much otherwise. They seem to have a deep-set mentality that they can only do household chores, so why should I prevent them from doing what they love? How easy would it be to convince and retrain all of them to do something else? That’s the major flaw in S.P.E.W – Hermione didn’t *rehabilitate* the house elves before protesting.

6. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?

I won’t say much regarding my personal dreams, but I’d see the people who’re starving as I type this in happy, comfortable homes. They’d be living in developed countries and have the same commitments and cares that we do. No one will suffer. Cliched, I know, but it’s what I really, really want.

7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I want to be more disciplined.

8. Which character would be your best friend?

Uh…I have no idea how they’d react to me, really.

9. Who is your favorite teacher?

Dumbledore – see above.

10. Describe your feelings on Harry Potter.

He’s obviously been through a lot of things, so his anger is justifiable - most of us get mad for far more trivial things so us calling him “moody” is pretty uncalled for. He shows that he tries to get on with life by making friends, joining Quidditch and doing the best he can, and even going out with girls. He definitely doesn’t strike me as a shallow kind of person – he doesn’t revel in the glory and attention that comes with being “The Boy who Lived”. Rather, he places more importance on his deceased parents. I don’t blame him for feeling what he does when all the people who were important to him and acted as surrogate parents (e.g. Dumbledore, Sirius) slipped away. So, in short…



…he needs yoga XP



11. Who is your least favorite character?

Ginny Weasley– I think Ms Rowling wanted to portray her as a girl who comes out of her shell and starts to stand on her own feet and come across as a strong character, but she turned out to be one hell of a b*tch who does mean things and manages to get away with it. You want to appear confident? You don’t have to change boyfriends faster than you change underwear! How come she gets praised for hexing someone? If someone provokes me and I retaliate physically, the blame is on me. It shows how well I can control myself.

12. What is your opinion on Voldemort?

He *was* hawt, what else is there to say? XP


Alright, alright. He just let his anger get the better of him…I’m very sure Ms Rowling used Hitler to come up with Voldemort. Hitler was wronged by Jews (debatable issue but I won’t go into that) and he decided to do something about it. He did it the cruel, violent way even though he’s a half-Jew. Voldemort is the same. He was wronged by his father and he vented his anger on non purebloods even though he’s a half-blood.

13. What would you die for?

My loved ones.

14. Under what circumstances would you venture into the
Forbidden Forest?

Under no circumstances would I go near that place. If someone I know/love is stuck in there, I would alert the relevant authorities. Better that than doing nothing and most probably causing someone to die.
I'd just pray that the person would have enough sense to send up sparks...

15. What makes a person respectable? 

Everyone feels jealousy, anger etc from time to time. A respectable person is one who keeps these emotions in check and does not act on them (acting on them would mean hurting other people) A respectable person seeks not to harm. He does not adopt different personas in front of different people to suit his needs.

16. List your goals.

No thank you.

17. Any huge pet peeves?

People who bully/exclude others…but they’re vermin, really. I just try my best to move on with life J


Oh yeah, and selfish, shallow and self-absorbed people

18. What truly horrifies you?

Women and child abuse, poverty, cannibalism, waste of excessive resources (I’m talking about the dumping of loads of food)

19. Do you feel that you would do well at Hogwarts? What would be your best class? Your worst?

Uh…I dunno. Somehow I think that Potions, Herbology and Charms would be among my better subjects. My worst class would probably be…um…Care of Magical Creatures? I’d be too scared to handle some of them X3


<s>Anyone who says I suck at Maths should get an axe lodged in their head</s>

20. If you and a friend of yours were walking alone in the corriders, and this particular person was suddenly attacked by a crazed beast, what would you do, exactly? What if this were to happen when walking with a stranger?


I’d immediately raise alarm within the castle (by Sonorous-ing my voice) and try and Accio my friend away from the beast. I’d then conjure up a piece of meat to distract it and petrify it. Assuming that fails, I’d run around and distract the beast…and Petrify it. I’d then attend to my friend after that’s taken care of.


Same thing if it’s a stranger. We’re talking life and death here.

21. Under what circumstances would you use an Unforgivable Curse?


If something really, really terrible (like a massacre) is about to happen and there’s nothing else that can be done to contain the perpetator(s). (Avada Kedavra)


I don’t think I’d use the other two curses at all.

22. If you were to find a master key to a particular area, what would you do with your new find?


<s>Keep it and use it every night if it gives access to Draco Malfoy’s private bath</s>


Hmmm…if it gives me access to some random area which I know about, I’d pass it over to the relevant authorities. If it leads to somewhere unknown, I’d give it straight to the Headmaster. Best keep your nose out of what might be a potential national scare.

23. Make a wish.


Yo, see the ‘Mirror of Erised’ question!

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