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What the Devil is going on here?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

State your name and age: Adrianna 17

1. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? I'm going to have to go with Ronald Weasley, because he is a very brave person who is willing to do anything for his friends. While he might be concerned about what other people think he will push that aside to help his friends. Throughout the books he's done nothing but sacrifice for his friends, I guess he just reminds me a little of myself.

2. Which character do you feel you relate to the most?
Ha ha that's funny. Well like I said above I relate most to Ron, because he is fiercely loyal and he's brave, but he's a humble person who has
insecurities. Of the trio he is the most I can relate to, because there is really nothing perfect about him, and that is exactly what makes him the perfect friend. He is always there for his friends, and is willing to battle he worst fears and sacrifice himself for his friends. I feel as though me and Ron are almost one in the same except that I'm a girl and he's a boy, and we both share the same temper.

3. What do you feel is your best quality?
I feel that my best quality is my courage, and my loyalty to my friends. I know I know it seems so plated but if you have ever met me I think you would agree with me. I'm always putting others before myself, and it's not to hide my pain or to postpone dealing with my own problems, it's because it's what truly makes he happiest. I would gladly die for any one of my friends and face my worst fears [already have honestly] and I stand up for my friends. I feel that is the best quality any friend or any person could/can have.

4. Do you look for anything specific in a friend?
I  look for loyalty and  a sense of humor. If they can't make me laugh than I honestly don't think I could have a very good time with the person at all. More than that though is their loyalty, I have to know that they are with me right or wrong, I have to know that i can count on them and trust them with my whole heart mind and soul. I seem to be oretty good at seeing just how loyal a person is, and how funny they are. I do happen to get along with almost everyone.

5. What do you feel about House Elves?
I would feel that they should all be let free, but house elves like the security of knowing they have a house and a place, and family to look out after.I believe that if the house elf wants to be let free then you should set it free, otherwise you aren't doing them any favors by setting them free if they want to be there.

6. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?
Nothing would honestly make me happier then to die for someone that I love or something that I believe in. I know that seems weird that death is what would make me happiest, but if that is how I die then I know I lead the life I wanted, one filled with friends and love and loyalty.

7. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
I think if I could change one thing is would be my ability to listen to others more than I have been, because that's what friends are suppose to do. While I do show my appreciation through my actions instead I think I should adopt listening to my friends as we the list.

8. Which character would be your best friend?
Hermione Granger would probably be my beast friend, because she is a lot like my best friend. She is exceedingly smart, and uses it for good and to help others. She is an amazing teacher with a overdose of patcience that is is amazing to witness. Hermione would give her life for any of her friends and would have have thought about the reprecussions before she did it, but knowing her she wouldn't have to, being as smart as she is if she wants to figure out a way to stop the killing curse she will.

9. Who is your favorite teacher?
my favorite teacher would have to be Professor McGonagall, because of her extreme pride in her house [Gyriffindor], how she doesn't take crap from anyone *cough* Umbridge *cough* :) . Anytime I think of a teacher in the past in which I have really admired or liked they always had a little of McGonagall in them.

10. Describe your feelings on Harry Potter. The person Harry Potter, I think that if I went to Hogwarts we would become friends, because he is brave and funny loyal, and he has awesome friends. I believe that a person's friends say a lot about a someone. On the series I really love the series, obviously otherwise I wouldn't be doing I think there is a lot to learn from all the
character, and these people are just like everyone else [except they're magical]. JKR did a wonderful job on her books and I know she puts  alot of time into writing them. there so much to them and I see something new everyday.

11. Who is your least favorite chracter?
Besides Volermort, I would have to say Pansy Parkinson, because she doesn't think for herself. She wants Draco for her own reasons, he is eye-candy to her something nice to go with her outfits. Not that Draco is any better he uses her and Crabbe and Goyle for his own reasons. They both make me  mad on more than one occasion .

12. What is your opinion on Voldermort?
My opinion on Voldermort is that he is a coward who wants nothing but power. He is willing to destroy the whole world to gain all the power in the world but what good will that be when you have no one there to delight with you. Not that Voldermort cares. Howecer I do feel sorry for Tom Riddle. He grew up not knowing what love is and being rideculed for being different so he decided to use his magical powers to torture those who tortured him. He killed his won father for goodness sakes. How can you expect someone who was never shown love to give love to anyone, he become a very troubled and twisted soul.[Yes I know Harry potter was in similar conditions, and he is the other side of the coin].

13. What would you die for?
I would die for my friends/family or a cause/belief in which I believed in with all my heart and soul. There really is nothing else I could think of dying for.

14. Under what circumstances would you venture into the Forbidden Forest?
I would go into the Forbidden Forest if I got detention and I had to or because it would help a friend. I can honestly say I would not go in there just to go in there. I would be scared out of my mind everytime I had to go in there but if I had to I most certainly would.

15. What makes a person respectable?
I believe a respectable person is someone who of course respects themselves, someone who isn't afraid to do anything for their friends even die for them. Someone who believes anything is possible, someone smart in their won right, someone loyal and true. Basically someone who would make an amazing friend.

16. List your goals.
Well one is to go to college and become a Chemical Engineer, because science can make anything possible. Another is to keep my best friends and make new ones. And last but not least to die happy and live a life I will be proud of and I know that I will make mistakes, but as long as I end up where I'm suppose to be and as long as I'm happy as well as my friends/family, and I help save someone in one way or another, I will know I lived a good full loving life.

17. Any huge pet peeves?
Just two really, people who lie in order to save themselves, and peopel who care about only themselves, because there is more to life than getting everything you want.

18. What truly horrifies you?
Dying alone, with no one who loved me or no one to love, and I'm going to have to say SPIDERS are something I would not want to encounter on a dialy basis not if I don't have too.

19. Do you feel that you would do well at Hogwarts? What would be your best class? Your worst?
I think I would do well at Hogwarts, mainly because I love to learn and I think that I would be really good and Defense Against the Dark Arts/ Transfiguration/Potions[ because I love Chemistry so I think I would love making potions], just because it would catch my interest straight away and I would want to be really good at it [seeing as how I would want to be an Auror :)]. I don't think I would be very good at History of Magic/Divination, because I never much cared for history but I realize that I have to learn it, and I'm okay with that. Divination, because well look who teaches it I wouldn't be able to concentrate. lol Trelawny crazy lady ;) .

20. If you and a friend of yours were walking alone in the corriders, and this particular person was suddenly attacked by a crazed beast, what would you do, exactly? What if this were to happen when walking with a stranger?
I would try and help my friend try and fight off the beast, and hope that everything turns out okay, once I helped them to the point where they are ab;e to go and get help that is exactly what i would ask them to do go get help, they're hurt and should have someone look at them, and I'm not hurt so I should stay behind and try and contain the beast as best I could. I would do the same for a stranger.

21. Under what circumstances would you use an Unforgivable Curse?
I would never use and Unforgivable Curse, because that is for Dark Wizards and I don't want anything to do with them. There has to be something else I can use to defend myself. Plus that's why there's DADA class in the first place.

22. If you were to find a master key to a particular area, what would you do with your new find?
I would try and give it back to who it belongs too, or tell an adult, because that's what you should do when you finds things. I wouldn't keep it I might poke around the place in which it belongs, if it could help someone or more than one person.

23. Make a wish.
I wish to be sorted into a house........... hopefully I'll get into a house lol. I think I will ;)


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